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Welcome to Narratives at MPET!


                  Hi!  My name is Alessandra Campos

                  I am a teacher and educator at Educacional Secretary (SEMED). Currently, I am student of the Professional Masters in Teaching Technological (MPET), in which I do  part of the line of  research on Teacher Education in Technological Education and the  Group of  Study and Research on Process  Training for Teachers in Technological Education (GEPROFET), all linked to the Federal Institute of  Education, Science and Technology of Amazonas- Campus Centro (IFAM- CMC).  

               I created  this space,  NARRATIVES IN MPET,  to share with teachers who work in the  Technological Education,  the experiences and learning built in the  MPET, in addition to  researches carried out for the  construction of my dissertation  titled  "Narratives of Teachers in Technological Education". In this way, in this  space I put the  your disposition  materials used in my research  beyond, others  built in this formative process.

        Also, in the   blog we provide  audios  (  which I called dialogues in MPET), videos (to which I attribute  the name of  Narrative Memories) so that, from them,  let us start a dialogue in which your  opinion, yours   suggestions, comments are very welcome. oh, don't forget to  make your application to always stay on top of the  our updates.

      Anyway,  we want you to feel at ease in this short space, comment, share, give suggestions... It will be great  exchange  experiences and learn together!  

Galeria de apresentação
O narrar-se da pesquisadora
Contexto de pesquisa

 Researcher's narration

     Why register my life story during a Masters course? Who is this story interested in, if not myself? How important is storytelling in a teacher training process? These were some questions made by me at the beginning of MPET facing this challenge. However, during this process I realized the richness of the act of narrating, which reinforced the formative and reflective potential of the narratives as an element of formation. Below, follow part of this reflection process...



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With the enactment of Law No. 11,892/2008, which instituted the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education, the Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology were created. In Amazonas, the IFAM was created with the mission of “Promoting with excellence education, science and technology for the sustainable development of the Amazon” To learn more, access

The Professional Masters in Technological Education  (MPET)  it emerged from a survey of needs and expectations, evidenced by studies and research carried out by undergraduate and technology students, and by their respective supervisors, from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Amazonas (IFAM) who pointed out for the necessity the reality of technological education at its different levels. Learn more at t/

GEPROFET is  linked to the research line Formative Processes of Teachers in Technological Education, concerning the Master's Course in Technological Teaching IFAM, from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Amazonas. In addition to training based on reflection and action based on investigative postures. Discover some activities of this research group...

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