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       Hello how are you?

       Welcome to our blog! We think of it as a space

of dialogue and exchanges in which your participation is very important.

So that you understand our proposal, I will explain its structure.

       The Narrativas no MPET blog was structured by themes that

emerged from the analyzes of our research “Narratives of

teachers in Technological Education”.  

       To problematize the  theme, we make available the Narrative Memories  which are videos produced  from moments of classes and

analysis of the narratives of teachers in training at MPET. These memoirs will serve as prologues to the other materials

which are the   Dialogues in MPET , which are podcasts and videos, originated from audio recordings made from the speeches of

students and teachers in this training process.  In addition to these, other materials will also be made available such as videos,

images, music and texts that will help us in this work. Anyway, feel free to comment, share, suggest.

         I hope you like it because it was made with great care! It will be a pleasure to learn from you!



2 Tema: Narrativa é vida

2. SUBJECT: Narrative is life


  In February our theme will be “Narrative is life” in which we seek to present our conception of narrative elaborated from the theoretical subsidies of the Narrative Research, which was the methodology used in our research.  Narrative Research as a Methodology  which makes it possible to bring the voice of teachers into research and enhance their personal and professional paths.

Narrative Memory 7: Narrative Research - A path to  understand being a teacher

2 Tema: Outros Materiais

Other materials

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
1 Tema: O chegar não é mais valioso que a andança
1Tema: Diálogos no MPET

MPET Dialogues

1. THEME: Arriving is not more valuable than walking


  from november to january  our theme will be “The arrival is no more  valuable than walking"  at the  which we present our  search  and  we problematize the importance of valuing the  paths experienced by teachers  as a way to  understand   your pedagogical practice.


Narrative Memories

Narrative Memory 1 -  Narratives in Technological Education  How it all began


      In this narrative memory we present our work, objectives and the reasons that motivated us to develop it.

Narrative Memory 3 - II  Colloquium at MPET : Epistemological bases for the construction of trajectory analysis from the perspective of Pierre Bourdieu

     In this narrative memory, Professor Dr. Avelino Leal problematizes the construction of life stories, taking Pierre Bourdieu's work as a theoretical reference.

Narrative memoirs 4,5 and 6 (Part 1,2 and 3)  -Three lives, three stories, three formations: Discontinuities and complementarities

    In these narrative memoirs we present the life stories that were presented by three MPET students during the II Colloquium .  



      In these dialogues, "Allegory of the river" and "Allegory of the river 2"   a moment in the classes of professor Dr.Amarildo Menezes Gonzaga is presented, in which he used the metaphor of the river to problematize teacher education. An excellent material for self-reflection of our own journeys.

     I left it in two versions: video that can be downloaded from YouTube and podcasts, and if you want to download it, press the button, which will take you to soundcloud  that will allow you to download the material.

      Hope you like it!

Allegory of the river 1-Video 

River Allegory 2-Video 


Allegory of the river -Podcast 

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