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research materials

Hi! In this space I made available  some theoretical references used to carry out my research. Little by little, I will also add consulted works. Excellent reading!

ARAUJO,2012 PLANNING, COLLABORATION CRITICAL REFLECTION  actions to address the complexity of the classroom


BLIKSTEIN, Zuffo, 2003 The Sirens of Electronic Learning

BONDÍA, 2002,Notes on experience and knowledge of experience.

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WEDGE,  2009. The place of university teacher education  -the postgraduate space in education in question

GABARD AND HOBOLD. 2011. Beginning of teaching - investigating elementary school teachers

MORAES, Roque. 2003. A storm of light-understanding made possible by discursive textual analysis

NÓVOA, 1992, THE TEACHERS AND THEIR FORMATION Text published in NÓVOA, António, The professors and their formation. Lisbon  Don Quixote, 1992.  for. 13-33

RAUPP, EICHLER The social network Facebook and its applications in teaching Chemistry. New Technologies in Education.V.10, No. 01, July, 2012. CINTED-UFRGS

SERAFICO, José; SERAPHIC, Marcelo. 2005. The Manaus Free Trade Zone and Capitalism in Brazil

SOUZA, Elizeu Clementino.  2007. Autobiographies, life stories and training-Research and teaching.  EDUNEB-EDIPUCRS, IN NASCIMENTO, AD., and HETKOWSKI, TM., Memory and teacher education [online

THOMPSOM. 1997. Recomposing memory - Questions about the relationship between oral histories and memories.

VERASZTO, EV; GARCÍA, FG-INTERACTIVITY AND EDUCATION: reflections on the educational potential of ICT

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